Sunday, 26 February 2012

post card challenge - Cuba

Thank you so much to all you lovely people who left such nice comments on my Welsh daffodils card. I am definitely going to try a painted card again. I've started going to watercolour classes now, so look forward to trying out some of what I'm learning. I did think I might try painting a pic of a lovely retro American car, which is something I associate with Cuba, but time and tide ....

I've just popped over to Darcy's blog and discovered my daffodils are shortlisted  for the prize this month. I am overwhelmed and honoured, and SOOO excited !!!!

Here is my Cuban card, but as Mrs Ambleside can't travel in September, it was sent from England. It's meant to be an old card she's using, so I distressed a bit of a map and some pics with emulsion paint, DI's and other inks.
Here's the back

It says:
My Dear Amy
I am so sorry - you must be so hurt and confused. I am thinking of you and wishing there were something I could do. I am here (ie home, not Cuba, as term has started) so please write if you think it would help. You know we have all had sadness in our lives (even those we least suspect). This is not to make light of your problems, but to remind you people will understand if you let them help. Try to talk to both your parents. Don't make it black and white. And remember, they both still love YOU.
Your friend, Mrs Ambleside

Saturday, 18 February 2012

another post card

Well, I've actually done my card in time for the challenge this week. Amy is having a hard time, so there's 2 cards this year.

I've based my card on the place we always went to as kids (though the story is not autobiographical). And despite the rain, and the stones, I grew fond of it. So sorry Pen, if you think I've given you a bad press.

This is only my second ever painting (for the first see the Spanish postcard). Now clearly I'm not very good at this, but I really enjoyed doing it.
The text says (if I've got it right) Welcome to Wales. The letters are die cuts.

The card reads:
                                                                Aug 70 Penmaenmawr
Dear Miss
                You were right- why didn't I see it? Got back from WW1 battlefields to find war on the home front. Dad had left!! Well, he was there to see me, but his stuff was gone. Mum says he has a trollop! So that's why I'm in a wet field in Wales - spending time with the perfidious* one. No sign of any trollops, but we've got this tent for a week! There's not much here- a long sandy beach and a short stony one. It's grey water, grey stones, some tussocky grass and then the railway which we cross on a rusty iron bridge. Oh and there's an ancient bus ( a sort of mobile museum piece, we get to the village) We spend our time walking and talking and sitting outside pubs, more talking, but skirting round all the big stuff. Dad's still the same ie boring+ funny+annoying+bald etc so I don't know why everything has to change. Actually I bet it wouldn't have happened if it hadn't been for Mum's harebrained Brazilian scheme. Why does nobody ever tell me anything.
* A word from mum                        Love me

Saturday, 11 February 2012

More Postcards

Well, I missed the linky widget thing again, so here are my last 2 cards, just scroll down for Belgium.

Quite a sad card this week. I used a picture of my Grandma's brother who died in the war, and in the background are his two friends.

Here's the back

It says:
Pozieres 2.7.70
Dear Miss
No need to worry - Mum's back. The military coup put paid to her career as a hippy - but she's bashing a lot of pots and pans about (Dad and I keep out of the way - especially Dad). I'm here on a school trip - prep for doing WW1 next year and a reward (Dad says) for working better (see!!) Today we went to the Thiepval Memorial. It makes you feel so small - all those thousands of names - all lost, and then the graves stretching out - so many "known unto God" - not even names. We all found our own surnames + my friend found a boy (only 17) with her name. He died 54 years ago today (which I now know was the 2nd day of the Somme). He should have been a Grandad by now. We all cried (even the boys and the teachers). 
I'm still crying a bit. I can't tell you how this makes me feel - have you got a good word for me to cover it?


Bit more fun this one

The back

which reads:
Brussels Aug '70
Dear Amy
So glad things are working out for you - I was so worried you were still in Brazil & things are so fraught there. It seems you have a different kind of trouble - but I feel seeing something of what war can do must be right, however painful. And no, I don't have a word for you - it is unspeakable. I too have been visiting a cemetery on this side of the border in Belgium, but my stay has had som more cheerful elements, notably the Magritte's in the national gallery.
I hope you are continuing this new found habit of hard work. I wish you luck in your 'O' levels next year. Do let me know how you get on. I have high hopes
Mrs Ambleside.