Monday, 29 April 2013

I'm back

Back after a long break
Here is a card made with my bargain Portobello Road set

Thanks Margaret for your help

While I'm at it, here are some more recent cards

This cascade card was for OH's daughter

And my friend asked for a card for a 3 yr old - I'm not very good at knowing what 3 year olds like, so just hope this will be OK. Inside it asks whether you can tell which bunny likes cake and which one likes carrots. The bunnies pull out to show the answer.


  1. Well, welcome back - perfectly splendid card - love those papers


  2. great to see you back. lets have lots more of your work on here now....
    Your cards are brilliant, love the cascade one and the pink roses...xx

  3. Thanks Margaret. will try to be more organised. Pleased to report that Charlotte loved the cascade card. Don't know how the 3yr old will react, but the friend who commissioned the card was happy with it (big relief!) And now I've got some more commissions so I'll be a busy bunny.

  4. You have such fabulous ideas, the 3yr old one is brilliant, fun and cute and interactive - perfect !!! xxx