Monday, 16 September 2013

Interactive card

Hi Crafty Friends

This card has been driving me mad - my own fault for having a bonkers idea in the first place. OH's grandson likes Meccano, so his mum suggested a Meccano card.
I figured Meccano has to be interactive, so this is what I came up with

This is the Meccano. I've made little joints so it all moves round to make what shape you like.
And the card is a push me/pull you, so as you pull the tag at one end, a message pops out at the other
The Meccano is only held on by little 'clips' so it can be rearranged.
Now I think I'll have to go and lie down!
(or maybe I should get out more)

Happy crafting


  1. I'd say it's flipping brilliant Jan - well done on the imagination and the execution of your design. Your OH's grandson should be DELIGHTED


  2. Wow fantastic card Jan and I am sure he is going to love it!! So very creative of you
    x catherine

  3. Absolutely brilliant and totally perfect for a meccano mad little man xxx