Sunday, 22 October 2017

Grand Crafting Jamboree

Hi Crafty Friends

Well how about this! An up to date post from me 😀

I just had to blog our grand all day crafting event which I was somehow talked into about 2 months ago. Since then I have been beavering away making cards and plans, and finally, after a week of carpentry (making the tables and fixing the chairs) heavy lifting, advanced logistics and generally running around like a mad thing, the great day dawned.

This is what we made in the morning
This one used a lot of die cuts: Marianne poinsettias and the rest unbranded. (cha cha cha)

This one involved a lot of stamping and heat embossing, but no die cuts. The poinsettias had to be cut out by hand but they are an easy shape (Four Petal Flower by Chloe). I think they're lovely on vellum. In fact I generally love white on kraft card.

And here's everyone hard at work. As you can see, quite a lot of furniture shifting has gone on. But we all fitted in fine

The pom poms you can see were a late addition from my pal who had them left over from her daughter's birthday party.

The new, makeshift, die cutting station worked well (Thanks Wendy, for the wood)

And with a quick change, it worked equally well for the real reason for the day - the buffet!!
 Everyone brought something and it was all delicious

A moment of quiet reflection (or major stuffing ourselves with deliciousness) I think the red place mats were the success story of the day!

And then it was back to the table of craftiness. This is what we made in the afternoon. I do love white on white cards, but I tried to get some variation by using a mix of plain and pearlescent card, and LOTS of glitter. None of which is very apparent in this pic.

And then there was the Christmas dec. Many thanks to my good pal, Debbie, for the idea and the prototype. I'm pleased to say my cunning scheme for scoring and cutting made quick work of making all the basic shapes. Then it was just a matter of sticking on coloured paper, in the right places and joining them up. (I'm saying nothing 😉, but some might remember the Christmas snowflakes at Tracey's 😀😀) 

Many thanks to everyone who came for making it such a fun event, and for the lovely lunch. Especial thanks for all the help with clearing up, and to Ann for the help with moving the furniture.

Happy crafting, everyone


  1. Beautiful cards and ornaments, I should think everyone had a lot of fun making it all and .. well, stuffing themselves with all that lovely looking food too. I think I would call that a great success


  2. Gorgeous card makes Jan, everyone is really perfect, love the Christmas dec, pretty papers.
    Hugs Pam x

  3. What a lovely spread ( notice I appreciated the food first lol), what beautiful creations too, I am also a sucker for white on white and this one is a stunning variation Yes snowflakes etched permanently in my memory bank !!!! A lot of hard work obviously went into this day but what a wonderful memory for everyone there xxx