Saturday, 11 February 2012

More Postcards

Well, I missed the linky widget thing again, so here are my last 2 cards, just scroll down for Belgium.

Quite a sad card this week. I used a picture of my Grandma's brother who died in the war, and in the background are his two friends.

Here's the back

It says:
Pozieres 2.7.70
Dear Miss
No need to worry - Mum's back. The military coup put paid to her career as a hippy - but she's bashing a lot of pots and pans about (Dad and I keep out of the way - especially Dad). I'm here on a school trip - prep for doing WW1 next year and a reward (Dad says) for working better (see!!) Today we went to the Thiepval Memorial. It makes you feel so small - all those thousands of names - all lost, and then the graves stretching out - so many "known unto God" - not even names. We all found our own surnames + my friend found a boy (only 17) with her name. He died 54 years ago today (which I now know was the 2nd day of the Somme). He should have been a Grandad by now. We all cried (even the boys and the teachers). 
I'm still crying a bit. I can't tell you how this makes me feel - have you got a good word for me to cover it?


Bit more fun this one

The back

which reads:
Brussels Aug '70
Dear Amy
So glad things are working out for you - I was so worried you were still in Brazil & things are so fraught there. It seems you have a different kind of trouble - but I feel seeing something of what war can do must be right, however painful. And no, I don't have a word for you - it is unspeakable. I too have been visiting a cemetery on this side of the border in Belgium, but my stay has had som more cheerful elements, notably the Magritte's in the national gallery.
I hope you are continuing this new found habit of hard work. I wish you luck in your 'O' levels next year. Do let me know how you get on. I have high hopes
Mrs Ambleside.


  1. sad but beautiful got there in the end with your poppies... love both postcards...good story

    1. Thanks Margaret - rush job as ever, but enjoyed doing it
      J xx

  2. What a sad but beautiful postcard! I love the second one too! Great story!

  3. aloha...your creativity transcends the sadness...simply beautiful.

  4. Oh, too bad you missed the linky-widget again! They are really good cards and everyone should have a change to look at them...
    Hope you're fast enough next week! :)
    Lovely cards, looking forward to next weeks chapter!

  5. I think you can link your post through out the week. It doesn't have to be on Friday. :) Both cards are gorgeous! Love reading their story. :)

  6. Superb cards. Love the France one, very poignant.

    Janet xx

  7. I think it's wonderful that you used photos that were meaningful to you in your card. I really love your Belgium card, very awesome.

  8. Beautifully emotive cards...especially the 1st one...brought a tear to my eye too :D XXX

  9. sad, but beautiful poppies..and memories. Adore what you did with the clouds for Belgium.

  10. sad but a lovely remembrance. Magritte card lovely