Sunday, 26 February 2012

post card challenge - Cuba

Thank you so much to all you lovely people who left such nice comments on my Welsh daffodils card. I am definitely going to try a painted card again. I've started going to watercolour classes now, so look forward to trying out some of what I'm learning. I did think I might try painting a pic of a lovely retro American car, which is something I associate with Cuba, but time and tide ....

I've just popped over to Darcy's blog and discovered my daffodils are shortlisted  for the prize this month. I am overwhelmed and honoured, and SOOO excited !!!!

Here is my Cuban card, but as Mrs Ambleside can't travel in September, it was sent from England. It's meant to be an old card she's using, so I distressed a bit of a map and some pics with emulsion paint, DI's and other inks.
Here's the back

It says:
My Dear Amy
I am so sorry - you must be so hurt and confused. I am thinking of you and wishing there were something I could do. I am here (ie home, not Cuba, as term has started) so please write if you think it would help. You know we have all had sadness in our lives (even those we least suspect). This is not to make light of your problems, but to remind you people will understand if you let them help. Try to talk to both your parents. Don't make it black and white. And remember, they both still love YOU.
Your friend, Mrs Ambleside


  1. great card, works so well making it look vintage. Anything with a map on it works for me lol i love the flag hanging down like a pennant.

  2. Love the aging you did. Something I'm still struggling to learn... :)
    I also really like the sweet message on your card. Isn't it written to all of us? It's not per definition a sign of weakness to ask for help... :)

  3. Like the aged card and that is a good message as Sandra says,
    Jen x

  4. like the vintage look and love the flag hanging down.

  5. Loved the aged look of your card and the images you've chosen, the flag is a really nice touch. M

  6. Interesting old card you have created, especially the background.

    Janet xx

  7. Love how you made the card look old and vintage. The flag looks nice hanging there as well.

  8. Glad your enjoying your painting :D Your card is excellent, and Mrs Ambleside sounds a very sensible lady :D XXX