Saturday, 31 March 2012

Card catchup

Hi, I've been missing a while, visiting friends and then not been too well, but here are three postcards to get me up to date.

The Netherlands
I just made up my own Mondrian-lite pic on the computer which was quick to do and I quite enjoyed it.
Here's the back
It says:
                                          Oct 1972
Dear Miss
Well, it's half term + here I am in Le Hague. Mum's on another artistic venture. This time we're immersing ourselves in Mondrian. Pretty cool huh. She says she brought me because I did so well in my O levels (how did that happen?) But I guess it's because, even more remarkable than my O level results is the fact that I've got a boyfriend!! (Well, I had till we came away) and naturally she thinks he is "unsuitable". How can totally gorgeous = unsuitable?? Hope he doesn't prove her right by taking his "unsuitability" elsewhere before I get back. (I think this is her masterplan)Hope things are well with you.
Love Amy

I thought I'd try to use the CAS (clean and simple) style I've seen on cards, though, stamping isn't really my forte. I made masks and brushed the ink on with shaving brushes. I had fun doing it, though I'm not sure about the finished result.

Here's what it says:
                                               Dec 1972
My Dear Amy
Congratulations on your 'O' Level results (I confess I met a teacher at your school and asked her how you got on) I am sending you a book token - happy reading
I am having the most wonderful experience (I wouldn't say holiday exactly). We're now at Masada (but I got this card in Bethlehem). This is a huge rocky fortress near the Black Sea where the Jewish Zealots held out against the Romans, until, when defeat was inevitable, they took their own lives. It's chilling and terrible , but awe inspiring as well. It's a steep and narrow path to the top. It's amazing to think I climbed (not without difficulty) the same steps as Herod had made. Maybe I should have waited until they put in a cable car! But despite being so old, it's in a way so new. Strange to think of it all being excavated by a new army of labourers (volunteers this time), only 10 years ago. Anyway - all is well with me, thank you for asking. I hope you are enjoying your A levels and that your boyfriend did not desert you.
Your friend, Mrs Ambleside

Bit of a cheat, this. Here is a photo I took about 15 years ago. Not quite 1973, but at least I've caught up with the challenges. It looks a bit blurred- taking a photo of a photo hasn't worked v well.
It says:
                                              July 1973
Dear Miss
Thanks for the token. Sorry I didn't reply sooner, but I nearly didn't reply at all. You talked to my new teacher - I felt spied on! I thought you were someone I could talk to out of my ordinary life, and there you go, getting involved in my ordinary life. Still, no harm I guess, and I did love all the reading.
I've just survived another maternal misadventure. It started harmlessly - sunning ourselves in Antalya (see pic). Then she heard about these fire-breathing rocks. Nothing for it- we have to go - IMMEDIATELY! We got to the village late, and Ma sets off on the long walk. Luckily the shop keeper prevails on her to borrow his torch and listen to his directions. The path petered out half way up the mountain, so it was scrambling from then on. The night sky was glorious (no lights anywhere to spoil it), but also not much light to see your way. We found it by luck as we cleared the trees. An amazing sight, a rocky hillside, pitted with fire gushing holes. Another couple was there - they'd taken tea and marshmallows, which they were toasting. Luckily they shared them with us. It was almost magical watching the flames and the stars, and sitting on the warm rocks (it was otherwise quite chilly). Getting down though, a nightmare. 4 of us in single file with 2 torches - the middle of nowhere. V scary, tramping over steep, loose rocks in the dark (and it was miles!) She might be mad and dangerous, but I guess she's not boring, my mum. 
Sorry for being ratty
Love Amy


  1. great cards, well done on your catchup. I have to say out of the 3 i love the card from Israel, the CAS is very effective.

  2. Great catch up with awesome cards...especially love Israel, but Mondrian is pretty cool as well!!

  3. Well done Jan for catching up, have missed you....3 lovely postcards. a really good read. hope you are feeling better. see you soon.x

  4. Well done catching up! Love your Israel card - it is very effective. Fancy mother's not encouraging boyfriends at O'level age! (ha ha - been there and done it!)

    Janet xx

  5. love both of 'em...I did a set of ATCs titled Mondrian Mimic

  6. So good you had the time to catch up!!! Glad to see you're all back into the challenge!
    Love the cards and the story. So funny! :)

  7. Well done for catching up! I love all your cards, my fav is the Netherlands, really effective! Mx

  8. Well done on catching up, love the Israel card especially.
    Jen x