Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Gelli 2

Hi Crafty Friends
It's been a while and I've been meaning to do an update on my gelli plate - so here it it.
After my first go, my plate was in a sorry state, so I melted it in the microwave, mixed up a bit more gelatin to make up for losses, and made another one. I used a melanine tea tray and kept the plate in it. It's about A4 sized.

Hope you like the pattern on the tray :)   It works just fine, hasn't cracked or gone mouldy yet. I keep it in the fridge covered with clingfilm. OH is complaining that the fridge was the last craft free zone in the house, so I don't know how much longer I'll get away with it. I've used it quite a few times, tho I'm not v good at it.  Here's a small print I thought I'd use as a background for a Christmas card

I really enjoyed watching Barbara Gray demonstrating gelli printing at the Doncaster show, so I'm looking forward to having another go.

happy crafting

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Works in progress

Hi Crafty Friends

Looks like I've been falling behind in blogland again, so here is a motley collection of things I've been working on. I've got all sorts of niggles about them, but I thought I'd show you anyway.

First of all a Christmas card I started at the brilliant crafting day we had at Debbie's (thanks Debbie).
I keep meaning to move the 'merry' or do it in a lighter colour. It looks a bit lost at the mo.

Sadly, I had occasion for a sympathy card. I took inspiration from Kathy K, so apologies Kathy for using your idea (less elegantly)

KathyG very kindly gave me some paper recently, and I thought it would make a really pretty, feminine card, so that's what I went for. Thanks Kathy.

Love the paper, but not entirely happy with the finished effect, so I had another go. I think I managed the flowers/leaves better on this one.

This Christmas card is based on the triptych we did in class. Not totally happy with the decoration yet, but love the idea of the three sections held with ribbons, and will certainly be having another go.
This is the front

And the back. The red flourishes are my latest die, love it.

Happy crafting