Friday, 1 August 2014


Hi Crafty Friends

I've been trying to get into stamping a bit more have have gone for a different look from my usual for this post. I've bought quite a few background stamps, and most of them are piled on here!

I embossed the compass and whacked on the Glossy Accents which took forever to dry. I managed not to touch it before it was dry (a first!)

I thought I'd make a congratulations on passing your exams card, and people as old as me will remember Hilda Ogden (she of the wall 'muriel') saying 'The world is your lobster' I may rethink the text as everyone I know who is taking exams is too young for this. But what to choose? 'Your dream ticket', 'your ticket to ride', any suggestions welcome

happy crafting


  1. I often use the phrase "the world is your lobster" and know others too but, as you say, the youngsters won't remember that far back but thanks for reminding me where it came from! I have never watched Corrie so must have heard it elsewhere myself!

    LOVELY make by the way and fabulous colours, loving the deployment of your new stash and a BIG well done on managing to keep away from those pesky Glossy Accents till they were actually dry too!

    Happy Friday


  2. Thanks Kathy.
    I've since been told that Del Boy used the same phrase to Rodney, though my informant said they remember Hilda saying it too. So maybe younger ones will know it.