Friday, 13 March 2015

Bro's birthday

Hi Crafty Friends

Just thought I'd share with you the card I made for my brother's birthday. I got the idea off Pinterest and when I can find it again, I'll put the link on here. The one I saw looked like the shapes were cut out with dies, Cricut etc, whereas mine are much less exact, being drawn and hand cut by me. The eye should be smaller, (or not even there) but hey ho ...

Many thanks to the lovely lady in Boyes who provided DS tape, biro etc etc and let me stick the eye on & finish the card on her desk, and thereby make the post in time.

happy crafting



  1. I am loving your "toff" card and especially the "monocle", Jan


  2. Thanks Kathy, it was fun to do

  3. Absolutely spiffing my dear, love it - and the mad, bonkers totally deranged eye adds the perfect finishing touch xxx

  4. Looks fabulous Jan and I am sure your brother will love it too.
    x catherine

  5. Great card Jan, really eye-catching!