Saturday, 3 December 2016

Two fer

Hi Crafty Friends

Last  week we had a two for the price of one week, i.e. we made a card and a box for the Christmas rose card we made the week before.
The card was quite straightforward - here it is

Having the MISTI made it easy to line up the sentiment with the aperture.

I first made a deep envelope for the Christmas Rose card, then it occurred to me it would make a gift box, so we made it in bright Christmassy cardstock which didn't go with the card at all, but hey ho, folks can always make a plain envelope version at home.

Margaret very kindly donated the bright red 'card' - which I was astonished to discover as I started working with it, was actually sticky backed vinyl, like Fablon, only much better behaved. It's absolutely great for the strap as it doesn't crease at all, but I did have to cover umpteen sheets of card with vinyl to make it useable.
Now, what to do the the remaining mile or so of sticky backed plastic? Blue Peter, where are you???

happy crafting
jan xx


  1. Love this Christmas card Jan, beautiful embossing around your aperture and love the candle die cut.
    That looks a fabulous box..
    Hugs Pam x

  2. Well I honestly didn't realise you could still buy sticky backed plastic, as always you have turned something quite ordinary into something much more special xxx