Monday, 20 February 2017

Cascade Cards

Hi Crafty Friends

A bit belated, but as you may know things have been a bit hectic here. I had a fantastic holiday in Cuba - great to get away from my flooded living room and to enjoy fabulous weather, and see a fascinating and very different country from anything I've ever seen before (and the cocktails were amazing too - I am officially cured of my dislike of rum!)

But despite the hol, the flood, loads of work and a problem with my eye, crafting has mostly continued at Serendipity Towers.
I was promoted to Miss for the day at the class I go to onThursdays, because some people there wanted to make cascade cards. As you know, I love this fancy fold, so I was happy to oblige. As it was a first attempt for everyone, I decided on a plain card with die cut embellishments (cutting and attaching matting layers can be quite time consuming). So here's what I made

It was a really fun class. Everyone made the basic card and then embellished it with their own choice of flowers etc. it was lovely to see all the different takes on the same idea.
maybe I'll get invited back to do the matted and layered version 😉
Happy Crafting


  1. Sorry to here you have been flooded!how did you cope..
    Sounds like you had an amazing holiday.
    Beautiful cards and decorations, look stunning.
    Pam x

    1. Thanks Pam. Still coping with the flood - all my living room furniture was taken away today. They're taking the ceiling down on Weds. No time frame for putting it back yet.
      Thank goodness for cards (and cocktails!)

  2. Glad to read you have been cured by cocktails! YAY! Also pleased you had a great holiday to take your mind off the flooding woes ... hope you will soon be back to normal and better than before!

    Your card is simply delightful and I hope your "class" appreciated the tutorial


  3. Hi Jan, thanks so much for being Miss! Everyone enjoyed the class and it was very good of you to take it considering what a week you had.

    1. No probs, Susan, it was fun to do :)

  4. Sounds like you enjoyed the promotion, so glad you had a fab time in Cuba, I don't need converting to rum ( I think I might have pirate blood coursing my veins lol), Hope your eye is ok and the living room is getting back to normal now, oh and I love the card, always a treat to see one of your cascade cards and I really like the simple backdrop to all the beautiful flowers xxx