Friday, 24 March 2017

Coming up Roses

Hi Crafty Friends

Us crafters get offered some weird stuff sometimes, on the grounds that we'll probably get some use out of it. But a whole wedding dress??? Yup, the full meringue!! A gazillion miles of net, several acres of duchess satin, more buttons than Cadbury's and lots and lots of lace. Of course I said yes 😀😀.
I spent hours seriously HOURS, unpicking lace pieces, so we just had to use them on a card, and this is what we made.

I decided to leave the bottom corner undecorated so people can add a suitable sentiment later. I thought it would be good for Mother's Day, weddings, anniversaries and the like.
The lace has all sorts of beads and sequins sewn on it, but I haven't managed to capture the sparkle of it. It just required a simple bit of matting and layering with some soft romantic papers and a cha cha cha doily die. Lots of fun and games making the smaller roses - by twisting and rolling thin strips of paper, and job done!
happy crafting
J xxx


  1. What a glorious confection of a card? Entirely suitable use for a meringue frock!!! I have some of that lace adorning an ATC myself (THANK YOU).

    Happy Saturday


  2. Wonderful card! Brilliant recycling.very vintage xxx

  3. Well only in Jan land lol . A whole wedding dress !!! my goodness and I thought I had been given some weird and wonderful donations in my time, still hoarding my little roll of window lead and using it very sparingly. I love the way people see us as some kind of magician xxx

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