Monday, 15 May 2017

My Stash Busting Challenge

Hi Crafty Friends

6x6 paper pads!! Can’t resist them, never use them J
Well, I’ve been watching   Kristie Marcotte (You can see her here

She proves it’s humanly possible to use up a whole pad in a marathon crafting stint. She uses just the paper pad and coordinating cardstock and makes 30+ small cards. I don’t need so many and I like bigger cards, but I thought I’d challenge myself to USE UP A WHOLE PAD!

I’m not doing it all at once, and I am allowing myself to mix in random scraps and papers from other 6x6 pads (getting a sneaky head start on future challenges?). I picked my latest 6x6 purchase, a £1 pad from The Range. As usual, I fell for the soft colours but when I got it home, I thought the paper’s thin, I won’t really use it much. Still, there are 10 designs (3 of each) so it’s theoretically do-able. I’m also hoping to learn how to make the best out of this thin paper. (A handy skill, given the amount I have of it!)

This is the pad I’m using, and the others waiting to be challenged.

Here’s the first card I made – I’ve posted it before, but I’ve included so the challenge will be complete (if I ever finish it!)

I made the flower 6x6 paper; it’s a good weight for shaping the petals.

(I have no idea why the computer has decided to put this pic to one side - nor why it randomly deleted a whole load of wittering, I'd just typed, but hey ho)

And here are three more using the same layout as a recent class card. There is a fourth, but I won't blog it till its reached its recipient.

I've found really distressing the edges gives it more dimension and makes up for not being able to layer it up on pads.
I thought I'd keep this last one for a thinking of you card, so I've just popped an oval text mat roughly where the sentiment will go, so I can finish it later. Another good thing about this light weight paper is I've use 6 layers + a band, a sentiment and gems, and it will still only need a standard stamp.

 At this rate I'll only have to live to be about 3000 to use up my 6" papers - and then I'll have to start on the 8", the 12" .....

wish me luck
happy crafting


  1. Great cards, I also have a lot of papers but really don't use them much


    1. Hi Lilian, thanks for stopping by. Care to join me in my challenge then?? 😀

  2. Beautiful cards. I am with you on the 6z6 paper pads. I have too many also and need to used them more. :)
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and leaving your nice comment.

  3. Hi Dear!
    I see your blog daily.
    Your blog is very useful for me & i like so much.


    Thanks for sharing the good information...!

  4. Oh my goodness, someone with the same addiction as me, I shamefully have mine all dotted about in various receptacles as I attempt to hide my addiction and ever growing stack of 6 x 6, we need a 12 step programme to go along side the challenge. I often use up thin papers on flower making marathons, the petals can be scrunched and moulded much easier and they can be inked too so the colours need not be perfect. Might just challege myself to do the same, although you know my track record with challenges !!! xxx

  5. Back again, just been and checked out Kristies video, so want to have a go at this challenge, going to clear the dining table after dinner tonight and have a go, will keep you posted xxx