Thursday, 16 March 2017

Stepping Up

Hi Crafty Friends

I picked up these bargain papers at a local discount store and had to have a play. There was plenty of each design so I could relax, knowing I could try different ideas and still have enough paper for everyone. What luxury!
I designed the size of the stepper to fit my not-quite-5-by-7 envelopes, and to take the pretty frame (another cheap as chips, you will be unsurprised to know). Luckily I like the proportions so I guess I'll be making a few more. I think it might make a good Christmas card in due course.

The lily is (I think) a Britannia die and the stamen is from a Heartfelt Creations set. The smaller flowers are an old Woodware punch, and the leaves are a 'cha cha cha' maple leaf, cut up.
The border is an old Tonic punch. The long pointy leaves are just randomly cut out by hand.
We used old Whisper Inks because they're archival and work on pearlescent cardstock.

it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, but it got rather lost in the trips to Wales, the horrific breakdown and the on-going flood repairs, etc. Here, a bit belatedly, are some of the lovely cards I received, all beautifully crafted. Thanks to all for making my birthday fun despite the atrocities
happy crafting

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Man's Card

Hi Crafty Friends

We made this in class a few weeks ago, when I was thinking about my brother's birthday which was fast approaching. Now his birthday is behind us and I sent an entirely different card. Still, I enjoyed making this one, despite there not being a flower in sight!

We stamped over some neutral-ish brown paper with a massive stamp (sorry I've forgotten the make) to create the background and stamped out a variety of stamps, from which we die cut circles for the toppers. There was a choice of stamps for the rectangular panel, aswell, so all the cards looked a bit different.
Then it was back to being Brownies, to tie a reef knot in some string, and then some strong arm tactics to set the eyelets using my rather primitive Silent Setter. I really must think about getting a Crop-o-dile, but they seem quite an expensive way of making holes. Does anyone have any cheaper suggestions?

I quite liked the red and brown combination and after the feminine cards from the previous weeks, it was good to have a change.
Happy Crafting

Friday, 3 March 2017

Simply Topping

Hi Crafty Friends
Things are going from bad to worse at Serendipity Towers. The flood damage is still not sorted and yesterday my car broke down 155 miles from home on a massively busy and horrible stretch of merging motorways around Birmingham and it was the rush hour (5pm) Finally got home on the transporter that brought my car at ten past two this morning. Had a very tiresome morning sorting out getting my car taken to the garage, sorting out a replacement, dealing with the entirely useless insurance etc etc.
Sorry to whinge. One good thing is I've been let off attending the work meeting I was going to, so most unexpectedly I get to have my birthday at home.
Here is a card we made a few weeks ago, somehow I've got them out of order. It features some more of my cha cha cha dies (doncha just love a bargain?) As soon as I saw this lovely corner die, I knew I wanted to make a fancy topped card with it. It cut really well, and when embossed is really pretty. The ovals and the borders are also new dies. The border is the exact size for DL cards, so I think I might be making a few more of these.
The image is coloured with alcohol markers- definitely NOT my forte, but luckily there wasn't much to do. The flowers are blush coloured pearlescent paper, inked to add variety but still tone together. The pearlescence still shows through the ink.

It was a simple little card, but I enjoyed making it, and I'm pleased it has inspired some people to look again at their dies and make some fancy topped cards.

happy crafting

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Bunch of Thanks

Hi Crafty Friends

I was asked by if we could make a thank you card, and as I will be needing some thank you cards for my team at work, I thought it would be a good plan to get some done early.

I thought we'd have a bit of an experimental week, using inks and stencils. I need a lot more practice at this myself, but it's good fun trying out different effects. I just created two simple layouts so people could concentrate on making their own background papers.
I love this sentiment die - I think its Spellbinders (or possibly Sue Wilson); the stars are of course 'cheap as chips ...'

I did add some Tim Holtz mica spray which looks quite pretty in real life, but doesn't show up here.
Happy Crafting

Friday, 24 February 2017

A little bird told me...

Hi Crafty Friends

I was dying to try out some of my (many!) new cheapo dies so I combined several on this class card. The oval lattice looks gorgeous, but I have to admit it drove everyone crazy, it was so hard to get the die cut out of the die. The sentiment and the filigree flowers were fine.
The bird is an old Stampin Up punch and the branch is Heartfelt creations. I enjoyed stamping and inking these to get texture that hasn't come out v well in the pic.
I wanted a massive floppy bow to finish it off, but gave up trying to tie one, and just looped the ribbon up and secured it with a brad. It proved a popular choice, so I may just give up on bows!

Happy Crafting folks

Monday, 20 February 2017

Cascade Cards

Hi Crafty Friends

A bit belated, but as you may know things have been a bit hectic here. I had a fantastic holiday in Cuba - great to get away from my flooded living room and to enjoy fabulous weather, and see a fascinating and very different country from anything I've ever seen before (and the cocktails were amazing too - I am officially cured of my dislike of rum!)

But despite the hol, the flood, loads of work and a problem with my eye, crafting has mostly continued at Serendipity Towers.
I was promoted to Miss for the day at the class I go to onThursdays, because some people there wanted to make cascade cards. As you know, I love this fancy fold, so I was happy to oblige. As it was a first attempt for everyone, I decided on a plain card with die cut embellishments (cutting and attaching matting layers can be quite time consuming). So here's what I made

It was a really fun class. Everyone made the basic card and then embellished it with their own choice of flowers etc. it was lovely to see all the different takes on the same idea.
maybe I'll get invited back to do the matted and layered version 😉
Happy Crafting

Sunday, 15 January 2017

New Year Crafting

Hi Crafty Friends

And a belated happy New Year.
We started up the club again last week, and I - like a lot of other bloggers I've seen- went for a spring like green and yellow combo as a complete change from the Christmas colours we've been doing for ages.
I've been buying loads of cheap as chips dies from China and had a lot of fun using as many as poss. I must say when I tried them myself they worked fine, but the Tuesday group had some trouble with them. I gave them (the dies!) another coating of tumble dryer sheet and they were better on Wednesday. Anyhow, enough of the die review, here's what we made

This is a small DL size. I found a discount store selling packs of Christmas cards incredibly cheaply, so I bought a large stash just for the envelopes. It's a size I really like and good for batch makes when you're in a hurry.
All the dies you can see are nameless from China.
I made the script paper (in the watch) on the computer; it reads 'time to celebrate'
The flourishes are the bits left from a Christmas bauble die, so the Wednesday group who had less trouble with the dies, had time for a quick bonus make, using the left over bauble

Happy Crafting